BDSSL offers distribution services of Mutual Funds, Public Issues, Company Fixed Deposits, and Bonds through its network of branches. We assure you a hassle free and pleasant transaction experience through us. Our focus is to offer integrated solutions for your investment needs of our investors.

Our offerings

Mutual funds: The range of products includes liquid, gilt, debt, equity, balanced hybrid funds. Moreover, the setup of a legal structure safeguards investors’ interests & ensures that they are not cheated out of their hard-earned money.
Public issues: We are a leading distributor of new public issue offerings. Participating in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) can be a financially rewarding exercise. By investing early in a strong company, investors stand a good chance to reap benefits over the long term. Also, IPOs usually see listing gains i.e. significant increase in price on the first day of trading. Our IPO research team provides clients with in-depth overviews of forthcoming IPOs as well as investment recommendations. We help our clients also to leverage and invest in IPOs.
Companies Fixed Deposits: We mobilize Fixed Deposits for leading companies with strong corporate background. As such Fixed Deposits are in form of unsecured borrowings by companies that earn a fixed rate of return; our advice is based on detailed analysis and research on company. Deposits mobilized are governed by the Companies Act under Section 58A. Our advisors track the Corporate with sound financials & strong background with a constant watch on the share prices movements, dividend history, annual reports and other company related news. We guide on selecting the industries/companies with the periodic updating on the availability, rates of Interest & period for investment. We help customers decide whether to renew or reshuffle the deposit at the maturity.
Bonds: We also deal in Capital Gain Bond Issues which facilitates tax exemption against long term capital gain as per Sec 54EC of Income Tax Act. Besides this we all deal in GOI 8% Bonds and Bonds issued by Companies from time to time.
Insurance: As insurance forms the part of financial well being and risk management, we at B D SHAH are glad to inform you that along with the regular investments you can even manage the risk affiliated with your daily lifestyle, health, travel, property as well as the financial loss that your family may suffer in your absence from all LEADING Insurance Companies through our tie up with FINSOLVE – Consultants in Financial Planning. Please feel free to understand the actual risk that you may have to cover. We even provide services on your existing insurance covers.

The BDSSL Advantage

Being one of the oldest distribution houses, we aim at helping you in financial planning and achieving long-term goals through our team of financial advisors.